Cross Country Fall 2018

Northshore Elementary Cross Country - Fall 2018

  1. Coaches Agreement
    1. Score three in season meets.
    2. Score five in final meet.
    3. Absent from school means no meet.
  2.  Distance - 850 to 950 yards.
  3.  Score Sheets.  Six needed for each meet you host.  You have a master for copies.  Host coach needs to clarify scoring system with visiting coaches.
  4.  Race Groups - Color Code
    1. 3rd   Girls - Yellow                 3rd   Boys - Brown
    2. 4th Girls - Purple                  4th Boys - Black
    3. 5th Girls - Red                      5th Boys - Blue
  5. Race order: 5th Girls, 5th Boys, 4th Girls, 4th Boys, 3rd Girls, 3rd Boys. 
  6. Weather.  If weather is a threat, it will be up to the individual schools to decide if they want to run.  As much as possible, try to run the meet.
  7. Emergency Cards- Please be sure you have emergency cards for all your athletes.


Discussion items from last season:  Who should run first 5th or 3rd grade?

Be sure the home teams have enough parent help to guide students around the course. This lessens confusion of the visiting team and adds a much-needed safety factor. I ask for parents to sign up to help in the first flyer that goes home at the beginning of the season. I think if we ask from the get go we can get a lot of help. They only have to help at one of the four meets, so it is not too much to ask ( :

Parking issues at the middle schools:  Parents may not park in the bus loading areas.  If this continues we may not be able to use those schools for our meets.