Back-Gate PM-Only, Car Pick-Up starting Monday, Nov. 8th

Below is a map and directions for PM Back Gate Pick-Up. 

-1 to 2 staff volunteers will supervise this new location, plus one other adult at the nearby 234th crosswalk. 

-All back-gate car pick-up students will line up against the 30-wing exterior wall. 

-Teachers will practice and/or show students where this added pick-up zone and waiting area is located on campus. 

-As parents/guardians, pls. review and confirm with your student(s) if your family will be utilizing this new pick-up location. 

-If you plan on picking your student(s) up at the back-parent pickup, please email your child’s teacher and cc to let them know. 


For FRONT GATE PICK-UP AND BUS RIDERS:  All procedures will stay the same.

back lot pickup