Parent Pickup


  • Morning Drop-Off Front of the School - Turn right as you get to the school and follow the cars around. Stay in your car and drop your children off when you get to the curb.
  • Morning Drop-Off Back of the School - Proceed down 234th Pl. SW to the coned off area. Drop your child(ren) off at the cones where a staff supervisor, parent volunteers, and student safety patrol are present to assist. Proceed on around the block to 2nd Ave. W. Turn L. back to 234th back out to Meridian (a right turn will take you to 236th and back to Meridian also). PLEASE FOLLOW THE ROUTE as described, entering on 234th, during this congested time. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR. Parking is available in the front of the school.
  • Afterschool Pick-Up • Car riders can be picked up at the front or back of the school.  Please let the teacher know where you will be picking up your student(s). If using the back 234th Pl. entrance, DO NOT PARK or BLOCK driveways! We will form a line of cars where you will meet your child at the curb.  Walkers will still be able to exit through the back if that is their route home. Staff will supervise.
  • Parent Walker drop-off/pick-up  - Our neighbors have requested that you do not park in the neighborhood to go meet your children. These roads are narrow. Parking causes further narrowing and congestion creating unsafe conditions.