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A view of the front of Shelton View

Shelton View Mission:

Shelton View is a caring, diverse community of students, families, and staff dedicated to creating a collaborative learning culture whose goal is for all to feel safe and valued, while ensuring academic and social success for all.

Our School

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Our primary goal at Shelton View is to provide a strong academic foundation upon which students can build successful lives. We deliver a curriculum that challenges children to reach their greatest potential through a variety of instructional approaches, assessment methods, and technology tools. Along with the mastery of basic skills, we focus on the ability to reason, problem solve, communicate effectively and think creatively. The understanding and appreciation of the arts and a well-balanced lifestyle, we believe are also important to the development of the whole child. In addition, we place an emphasis on character development and responsible behavior. We create a positive learning environment by reinforcing the virtues of respect, responsibility, caring, cooperation, perseverance and integrity. It is our sincere belief that home, school, and community must work together in order to best provide a healthy school environment that nurtures students who are lifelong learners and productive citizens.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of the supportive learning community we call Shelton View. As you come through our front door, you will find warmth and friendliness beginning in our office and continuing throughout the campus and into each individual classroom. You will also find a strong commitment to the academic success of each and every child at our school. Please feel free to contact us at 425-408-5200.

Bethel Santos, Principal

Shelton View "Families"

This is the twelfth year of our 'Families' program, headed up by fifth grade teachers Patty Sundt and Erin Wells. We believe that 'Families' brings one of our school's best attributes down to the student level: the closeness and support of our community . There are approximately 45 families. Each "family" will consist of eight to nine members, one from each grade level, including kindergarten. It is the job of the fifth grade student to be the family leader. He/she will facilitate predetermined activities aimed at building relationships and leadership. However, there will always be a staff member present to guide and coach. "Families" will meet once a month. Activities will range from sharing class work to playing games together.

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