Shark Tales

Dear Shelton View Shark Families,

Happy May! May is staff appreciation month. First, a HUGE “Thank You” goes to our PTA for their support and generous appreciation efforts toward staff! Second, please thank a staff member who has made a difference this year or in years past for your children. Shelton View Elementary has a most excellent and dedicated staff who work hard to help all Shelton View Sharks succeed! An ENORMOUS Thank You to our Shelton View Staff!

This year has been like no other I’ve experienced in 40+ years as an educator. It’s been an exciting adventure, not unlike Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! Some students arrived back to in-person learning ready academically for the year ahead, while others struggled with grade level concepts. In response to this, additional time and support was added to the classrooms across all grade levels. Students have worked hard to catch up and excel in their learning and growth! May is the month state testing gets underway for our 3rd-5th grade students from 5/11-5/31. We are looking forward to sharing these results with you in our 2022-2023 School Report to the Community in our fall newsletter. It’s important that students get their needed rest, nutrition, and your encouragement to do their best and show what they know!

Socially, returning to school after nearly two years of no large group interaction brought with it a wave of turbulent waters and many challenges on the playground as students learned how to play together in ways that: Show respect, Work hard (even at play), Include others, and Make safe choices! SWIM with the SHARKS! Three additional playground supervisors were hired to help ensure safety on the playground while our staff and the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) team has focused on systems of support and re-teaching when unexpected behaviors have come up. Our year has shown us that students need to be explicitly taught the rules of engagement on the playground. This has culminated in a video created by Teri Standley, a school support assistant and member of the PBIS team. The plan moving forward is to create videos of expectations for all common areas of the school.  Click here to view our Recess Expectations, which will be shown to all students in the next week.

As in previous years in May, the staff will be busy with the work of creating balanced class lists for the 2022-2023 school year.  Fill out the Parent Input Form if you’d like the opportunity to share with us the teaching style you believe fits your child best, as well as any “friend conflicts” you’d like to have us consider when placing students into next year’s classrooms.

Plans are underway for the selection of a new principal at Shelton View Elementary! Projected for May 10th, a team of school, community, and district representation will begin with the first step in the process of interviewing candidates. Two or three successful candidates will move to the next step in the process, and ultimately by the end of June or before, you’ll join staff and me in welcoming the successful candidate as the Principal of Shelton View Elementary!

Nancy Pack

Interim Principal



Upcoming Important Dates

Event Time

May 3rd

2nd Gr. EAP Concert in SV Gym

2nd Gr. Concert in SV Gym



May 6th Track & Field Meet at
Kenmore Elementary
May 8th     Happy Mother’s Day!  
May 10th     

PTA Hip Hop Club in SV Gym

Track & Field Meet at
Frank Love Elementary



May 11th          22/23 Kindergarten Parent Tour 4-5PM
May 17th           

PTA Hip Hop Club in SV Gym

Track & Field Meet at Kenmore Elementary (SV Hosting!)



May 20th            ASB Spirit Day: SV Spirit Wear/Shark/Wear Blue!  

May 24th

PTA Hip Hop Club in SV Gym

Track & Field Jr. Olympics at
Bothell High School



May 30th         

Memorial Day / No School!

May 31st        PTA Hip Hop Club in SV Gym 4-5PM


*3/4/5 Grade Choir every Wednesday & Friday 8:45-9:20 AM in the Music Room (starting May 18th)

*Every Wednesday Early Release at 2:25 PM


Do you have input on your child’s 2022/2023 classroom placement? 

Please fill out the SV Parent Input Form!

*Please note: we do not accept specific teacher requests or guarantee placement in a specific classroom model



Are you moving out of Shelton View’s service area? 

Please fill out this form to help us plan for next year!




In PE We are Learning About . . .

Track & Field

Throwing & Catching (Review)


Relay Races

clip art

Go Sharks!
Mrs. Geoghagan & Mr. Byers
Shelton View PE Teachers

A Note from Nurse Sherrie!

It’s cold and flu season in the PNW!  If your child is home sick, please be sure to give them a COVID test before they return to school.  You can email the results to Nurse Sherrie at

clip art



The Lost and Found Rack is Overflowing!

Please have your kids stop by to grab their lost jackets, coats, hats, gloves, and more!

lost and found picture

Hurray, hurray

SBA is on its way!

*SBA schedule is subject to change – keep an eye on the Shelton View website for the most up-to-date information and schedules

SBA schedule


Important Reminders:

Will your child be absent or late to school?  Please be sure to inform the office by either calling the 24-hour attendance line at 425-408-5210 or email

office clipart


Spirit Day flyer in Spanish

Shelton View Mission:

Shelton View is a caring, diverse community of students, families, and staff dedicated to creating a collaborative learning culture whose goal is for all to feel safe and valued, while ensuring academic and social success for all.