School Bus

How to Access E-Link

The arrival time is an automated estimate; actual arrival times are determined by school departure time, travel distance, traffic, route design and student needs. The information displayed in e-Link is subject to confirmation by calling Transportation at 425-408-7900.

  1. Open E-Link
  2. Enter the word public for the username and password
  3. Enter your student's grade level, house number, street address, and zip code
  4. Click 'Find School/Transportation Info'


  • Special Education, EAP and AAP bus information is found by going into advanced search, entering your student's grade, school, program and address.
  • If your student is in Kindergarten, use "KF" in the dropdown menu.
  • Stop times are subject to change.
Internet Explorer users: If you are having difficulty, try clicking on the compatibility button in the browser address field to turn it blue. If a window pops up asking for username and password, type the word public for both. If you continue to have difficulty, please try using a different browser such as Safari or Firefox.
Early Release Wednesdays
E-link does not provide separate transportation schedules for early release Wednesday's. Schools start at the same time every morning including Wednesdays; morning bus pick up times will remain constant throughout the week. On early release Wednesdays the afternoon drop off times will be 90 minutes (an hour and thirty minutes) earlier than Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Elementary Band Students
Select 6 in the grade field to find the band bus to a middle school
E-Link is not supported on all tablets or smartphones.

How Bus Stop Locations are Determined

Which District Am I In?